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A New Writing Adventure

In April, I’m participating in CampNaNoWriMo and plan on knocking out the rough draft of a novel I’ve been brewing up.  So far, I’ve gotten together a cast of characters, a major conflict, a few minor conflicts throughout, and even have a narrative style I plan on trying out.

However, whenever I try thinking about the specific scenes which will take me from point A to point B, I draw a blank.  It’s been rather frustrating, until a moment ago, while on a smoking break at work, when everything dawned at me.

The problem isn’t my plot or my characters or even my concept. It’s the world.

So far, I’ve been thinking about my story world as late 1800s America, with some historical twists.  My plan is to write steampunk.  Just thinking of the world as it was at the time (likely 1880ish) isn’t cutting it. That’s just a historical fantasy.  All this time, I was missing a key thing.

The steampunk.

Yeah, there’s some steam powered devices, strange new technology running on clockwork cogs and wacky science which doesn’t always add up, but it’s not steampunk.  These things have felt like set pieces rather than a part of the actual world, and that, in essence, has been bugging me in the back of my head without making itself plain and clear.

Well, it’s plain and clear now. I’m glad it is, too, because I was about to scrap the whole project.

Now I need to integrate in the technology and make it necessary in the world, rather than just something there that looks cool (like the stereotypical steampunk goggles or gears which don’t actually do anything).  Looks like I’ve got my work cut out for me!